Thursday, 19 March 2009

We need people!

(UPDATE - Grrr.... seems that the concept of persistent URLs is lost on the admin - link below has been removed - see google cached copy here) - job description.

Essentially, we need smart people who are willing to join us to do good, innovative stuff; work that isn't by-the-numbers with room for initiative and ideas.

Help us turn our digital repository into a digital library, it'll be fun! Well, maybe not fun, but it will be very interesting at least!

bulletpoints: python/ruby frameworks, REST, a little SemWeb, ajax, jQuery, AMQP, Atom, JSON, RDF+RDFa, Apache WSGI deployment, VMs, linux, NFS, storage, RAID, etc.


sean said...

The link to the job description seems dead. Is the position still available?


Ben O'Steen said...

@sean - seems the admin folk just drop the record as soon as the entry deadline is hit - I've updated the post to link to a google cached version as well.

Chris said...

Hi Ben, only just saw this - do you still need people? Could I send you my CV either way? Chris