Thursday, 13 November 2008

OCLC - viral licence being added to WorldCat data

Very short post on this, as I just wanted to highlight a fantastic piece written by Rob Styles about OCLC's policy changes to WorldCat

In a nutshell, it seems that OCLC’s policy changes have the intention to restrict the usage of the data in order to prevent competing services from appearing. Competing services such as LibraryThing and the Internet Archive's Open Library but unfortunately, it seems that the changes will also impinge on the rights of users to collate citation lists in software such as Zotero, Endnote and others. Read Rob's post for a well researched view on the changes.

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Roy Tennant said...

Ben, sorry, but that isn't correct. From the FAQ: "Q: I want to download WorldCat records into my personal bibliographic software or citation software such as EndNote and RefWorks. Is this OK under the Policy?
A: Non-commercial personal use of WorldCat records to create and maintain personal bibliographies or for use with citation software is fine."